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”Understanding your Relationship Patterns and Values for Successful Dating with Sophie Gwinnett

Season 3, Episode 3 – “Understanding your Relationship Patterns and Values for Successful Dating with Sophie Gwinnett
In this podcast episode, host Dr. Mari Kovanen, a registered psychologist and conscious dating coach, talks to guest Sophie Gwinnett, a clinical psychologist and a TEDx Speaker. The conversation revolves around both personal and professional experiences with relationships, focusing on the importance of understanding past relationship patterns and aligning values when dating. Sophie shares her insights on attachment theories and how they affect an individual’s relationship dynamics. An important highlight is Sophie’s three steps to a better romantic future gleaned from decades of experience in psychology: exploring past patterns, identifying relationship values, and committing to act on those values.
Sophie Gwinnett is a Clinical Psychologist, TEDx Speaker and Director of Brightside Psychology. Over her 20-year career she has worked with individuals, couples and families to heal relational trauma and build healthy, secure connections. More recently she has applied her professional (and some personal!) knowledge to the area of dating, sharing her ideas in her 2022 TEDx Talk ‘Breaking Free: Three Steps For ABetter Romantic Future’. Sophie is passionate about all things attachment-related and helping people to not only survive, but to thrive in their relationships.

Contact Sophie
Instagram: @drsophiegwinnett
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/drsophiegwinnett
Facebook: @brightsidepsychology
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Time stamps:
02:49 Understanding Attachment Theory
11:04 Sophie’s Personal Journey and Insights
17:36 The Importance of Aligning Values in Relationships
25:10 Exploring Past Relationship Patterns
27:12 Identifying and Acting on Relationship Values


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