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What If You Could Attract And Keep Your Dream Relationship?

You are secretly dreaming of being in love, having a relationship where you feel safe and accepted as you are, and are having fun with your best friend who is also your lover. 

What would it be like to share your life with a man who shares your values and is an all around good guy? 

Imagine being in a relationship where everything just feels easy & flowing because you are so well-matched and suited to each other?

dating coaching

You are successful at work! 

You lead meetings… manage people…

You make money for your company or for your own business but when it comes to love…

Your love life has been a disappointment and a source of tears for many tears.

Perhaps you have almost given up hope of finding love.   

You have either tried it all…

dating apps, meeting men through your friends, singles events, blind dates….

Or you are petrified of starting dating again after heartache and disappointments.

You want to change your love life and be done with those unhappy relationships. 

You have met the players, the love-bombers, the flaky men who are are not worth your time. 

You Wonder If There Is Anyone Out There For You.

You thought that by now you would have found a wonderful, loving man with similar values

but instead you end up going to friends’ weddings and family parties solo or with a platonic plus one. 

It is not like you are desperate to be in a relationship but you’ve got everything else in life and now you 

really long to be able to share your life with someone.  

It is natural, of course, because that’s how we were programmed to be connected to others....

What if you could find the love you’ve been searching for all along?

Love is possible for you too

What if…

You could approach dating with a sense of ease & confidence?

Dating would be fun even if the person was (yet) the right one?

 You knew exactly how to attract the right type of men and repel the time wasters?

You knew exactly how to create a long-term loving relationship?

My Story

I was there dating and looking for love in my early 30s.

I was very confused about dating and men’s behaviours. 

I did not really think that what I was looking for existed. 

I was losing hope in dating.

Then I met a guy who looked good on paper, said the right things and I was attracted to his potential rather than who he actually was…

  • He started sending me loads of messages and telling me things that I so wanted to hear….
  • He was smart, successful, wanted to have a family and even came from the same area.
  • He became very quickly very keen and did what I know to be love-bombing…

I started to get interested and build fantasies about our life together…

It all became very intense very quickly.


But then….

He started showing aggressive behavior when he was drunk. He then started withdrawing and not wanting to meet up again. 

It was the first time I got properly rejected and it was painful. It had been a short time but very intense. 

I went to get some emotional support, reflected on what had happened in the relationship and decided that I am worthy of more than this and collected my belongings from his apartment. 

After another couple of other situations and disappointments, I decided that I needed to take a break and I needed to take a different approach to dating and be more selective with how I used my time.

I decided to change the dating scenery and move countries. 

At the time I was in Helsinki in Finland and I wanted to return to London where I had studied previously. 

In the process, I decided to put a dating ad on Gumtree. 

I received many messages but one of them stood out from the many copy paste messages. 

It was a man who seemed very open and genuine about where he was in life.

This was my now husband of almost 11 years and we have two beautiful boys together.

I wished I had started my self-discovery journey earlier...
although it's never too late.

After meeting my husband I made understanding healthy relationships my priority. I trained as a registered psychologist and for the past 14+ years

 I have worked with professional women and couples in different stages of their relationships. 

I learnt that many problems in relationships could have been prevented by choosing the right partner consciously from the start. 

I then became a conscious dating coach.

Having Worked With So Many Single Women Over The Years I Know That To Find Love…


You need to understand your relationship history to avoid repeated mistakes


You need to know what type of people would be a good match


You need to be intentional with your time 


You need a little bit of magic and the right mindset

  • You may worry that since you have tried it all there just aren’t any good guys left out there.

  • The whole online dating world frustrates you and even scares you.

  • Perhaps you tell yourself that you are just too busy to put yourself out there to find love.

There are almost 8 billion of us and about half of those are men.

There is someone suitable for you too if you open your heart to love. 

When You Feel Grounded And Connected To Yourself, You Also Feel That You Can Protect Yourself From Potential Dating Upset.

What You Need Is An Intentional Dating Strategy (You Would Not Take A Project At Work And Just Hope That You Could Wing It Just Like That Without Planning To A Degree), The Right Mindset For Love And Knowledge Of How To Spot Time-Wasters And Instead Attract The Right Type Of Men & Know How To Keep Love.


Dating does not have to be
boring or even scary.

You could be radiating your inner confidence when dating and have fun… yes that is possible! 

If you know whom to attract and whom to repel, you will save your previous time and keep your heart safe. 

You could be on your way to meet your future loving partner.

Single 2 Love Academy helps you to
find love faster with science.

You will know how to:

Rewire your brain for to feel fabulous &  confident self when dating & ready for love.

Abolish the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from finding love and create a successful dating mindset.

Know the signs for a relationship-oriented man and how to avoid time-wasters. 

Learn the science-based secrets of attracting a high-quality, relationship-oriented man. 

Discover the science based secrets to a happy long-term relationship.

And that’s not all…

  • There are weekly group calls to ask questions and be supported on your quest for love.

  • No more doing it by yourself!

  • Plus, exclusive access to our private Facebook group of like-minded women to support you.


Having worked with so many women who are in unhappy relationships, I realised how many of these difficulties could be avoided by starting the relationship with knowledge about love, relationships and oneself. 


I have benefitted enormously in my relationship from increasing self+awareness and I want to offer this opportunity for single women to be ready for love and attract a person who has the potential to become a long+term relationship. 

No more Mr Wrong!

You will have access to the platform for 6 months but you are welcome to download exercises for your own use. 

You can do the module at your own pace although you will have access to a module per week to prevent overwhelm. 

The live calls are recorded and you can watch later if you can’t make them.

10 Modules of pre-recorded videos offering knowledge, 

tips and practical exercises on how to become more conscious, intentional and have fun 

in your dating process and of course find a compatible love match. 

You have….

6 Months access to the materials and private Facebook group 

Weekly live group coaching calls to ask questions and get feedback on conscious dating and building a relationship. 

Full Price: £4500

Your exclusive discounted price:


The program is valued at £4500 but now the program is discounted and it is one payment of just £1995.

Or six payments of £395

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