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Season 2, Episode 9 – How to heal from past hurts and start dating again

Season 2, Episode 9 – How to heal from past hurts and start dating again.

In episode the season two, episode nine of “How to Love Successfully” with Dr. Mari Kovanen, a registered psychologist and conscious dating coach, the focus is on helping high-achieving, successful women transition from their careers to finding love. Dr. Mari emphasizes the concept of conscious dating, discussing the importance of building meaningful connections while navigating the dating world. She introduces her free “Secrets to Successful Dating Masterclass” as a resource for listeners, providing insights into understanding oneself, identifying the right partner, and avoiding common dating mistakes.

The main topic of this episode centers on overcoming past relationship hurts and the fear of dating again. Dr. Mari acknowledges the challenges faced by individuals who have experienced emotional scars from previous relationships and offers guidance on healing and building confidence. She breaks down the process into four key stages: turning attention inward to understand oneself, practicing self-love and self-nurturing, identifying the qualities of an ideal partner, and gaining knowledge about the science and skills of dating.

Through her coaching program, Dr. Mari helps clients feel more empowered and confident to approach dating consciously. By focusing on self-improvement and understanding individual needs, listeners can gain the tools and self-belief necessary to navigate the dating world and ultimately find the right person for a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. The episode concludes with a reminder to give oneself the love sought after, as it’s the key to finding the love desired.


Time stamps:

 [01:52] Discussion on the various stages individuals may be in after ending a previous relationship. 

[03:50] Exploring the importance of natural healing and the impact of earlier relationships on one’s readiness to date. 

[05:20] Introduction to the Empowered Love Blueprint Process. 

[13:34] Step one of the process – turning attention inwards, understanding oneself, and identifying blocks to love. 

[17:02] Step two – adding another layer of self-love and self-nurturing. 

[19:18] Recognizing the importance of focusing on self before seeking a partner. 

[21:29] Step three – considering who would be a great match based on one’s current self. [25:18] Emphasizing the importance of assessing a potential partner based on who they are today, not just their potential. 

[28:09] Step four – acquiring dating knowledge and understanding the science and skills of dating. 

[32:35] Highlighting that dating is a social skill that can be learned. 

[34:18] The outcome of Dr. Vannen’s coaching program and its impact on clients’ confidence and self-belief. 

[36:35] The idea that a strong connection with oneself makes dating less anxiety-inducing. 

[38:55] Encouraging listeners to explore the “Secrets to Successful Dating Masterclass.” 








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