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Season 2, Episode 6 – Does strong woman energy hinder your love life?

Season 2, Episode 6 – “Is strong woman energy hindering your love life?”

In this episode of How to love successfully, Dr Mari Kovanen, a registered psychologist & conscious dating & relationship coach, we’re diving into the world of “strong woman energy” and how it’s messing with our love lives. Dr Kovanen spills the beans on how being a go-getter can mess up our connection game. Drawing from her own Finnish upbringing with a hard working grandma, she talks about the hustle culture and how it’s taking a toll on our well-being and relationships.

The episode breaks down the myth that all those career wins will validate us and be enough in life. Dr Kovanen highlights reality – that job role won’t cuddle you when you’re feeling down. She gets real about dating too, how the fear of vulnerability can keep us swiping left on potentially great matches. But she’s all about finding that balance, embracing the slower side of life, and creating space for genuine connections.

Whether you’re a powerhouse or just looking to navigate the modern dating scene, this episode’s got you covered. Dr Kovanen delivers insights on making space for vulnerability, appreciating the ebb and flow of life, and inviting harmony into our relationships. So, if you’re hustling like there’s no tomorrow, it might be time to slow down, tune in, and let some of that strong woman energy take a back seat – just for a moment.

Time stamps:

[01:57] Growing up in Finland with a strong woman role model.

[05:56] The challenges of hustling and being overstimulated in modern times.

[10:20] The struggle of balancing strong woman energy and nurturing relationships.

[11:02] Addressing the fear of rejection and vulnerability in relationships.

[14:48] Acknowledgment of the beauty of the female body and hormonal fluctuations.

[15:26] Inviting a masculine partner into one’s world and creating harmony.

[16:53] Regulating the nervous system, finding harmony, and improving relationships.


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