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Season 1, Episode 9 – Preventing Dating Burnout: Strategies for Successful Dating with Duana Welch, Phd

Season 1, Episode 9 – Preventing Dating Burnout: Strategies for Successful Dating with Duana Welch, Phd

In this episode of How to love successfully, Dr Mari Kovanen, a registered psychologist & conscious dating & relationship coach, has a conversation about preventing dating burnout and finding love scientifically with Dr Duana Welch. Topics covered are Dr Duana’s personal journey of finding love with her husband, what research says about dating strategy, setting standards and women’s high self-esteem.  

Dr Welch is known for writing and dating coaching that relies on science rather than opinion to help men and women find and keep the love of their lives. A former professor in Florida, California, and Texas across 20 years, she has contributed to NPR, Psychology Today, and numerous other outlets and podcasts. Her first book, Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do, is now out globally in five languages; its revised and updated edition released in 2022. Love Factually for Single Parents is the second book in the series, specifically geared for finding the right partner not only for readers, but their families. She is an expert for Paired, the couples relationship app. Her client practice is global, via Zoom and other technologies.

Take a seat and your favourite warm drink or maybe in the summer you want cooling down.. I hope you enjoy this episode! 


04.28 What is dating burnout?


06.09 How not to burnout in the dating process


07.70 According to science what does being in a relationship bring to a person


09.59 Adjusting your mindset to dating


10.20 Finding a dating strategy that works and stops wasting time


12.39 Treat dating as a part-time job


12.56 A common mistake in dating 


13.34 Identifying your non-negotiables 


16.45 Preparation is essential for dating


17.45 Meeting now husband in seven dating from publishing an online dating profile


21.32 Stick to your priorities under pressure


22.33 Psychology of dating ads 


23.27 Importance of taking taking dating seriously


24.53 Current fast dating model and related problems


29.17 Having high standards


31.52 Co-habitation and science


33.56 Clarity on standard to prevent wrong relationships


35.21 Women’s high self-esteem and research on men


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