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Season 1, Episode 3 – How our psychobiology affects dating

Season 1, Episode 3 – How our psychobiology affects dating

In this episode of How to love successfully, I will talk about how our psychobiology, our hormones and our evolution still continue to affect our dating and mating behaviours whether we like it or not. Understanding the basic principles of these internal systems helps us to make sense of dating behavious and then navigate dating situations in a more informed and conscious way.  

Take a seat and your favourite warm drink. I hope you enjoy this episode! 


01.23 Modern beliefs about humans


02.02 Women’s empowerment and matriarchal views 


04.00 What was the purpose of dating rituals


04.47 Motivators of early man


06.25 What drives attraction?


07.49 The meaning of intermittent rewarding in dating 


08.50 Motivation for the woman in dating 


11.07 Physical intimacy 


11.43 Attaching to the partner


13.56 Other influences on dating behaviours 


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