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Season 1, Episode 2 – The biggest dating mistake most people make

Season 1, Episode 2 – The biggest dating mistake that most people make  

In this episode of How to love successfully, I will talk about the most common dating mistake that I see daters making when looking for love. Having a good roadmap for dating is essential to avoid time being wasted on the wrong men and saving energy & finally meeting the right person for you. 

I have also personal experience of making this dating mistake that led me to change my dating strategy in the end and then meeting my now husband. 


Take a seat and your favourite warm drink. I hope you enjoy this episode! 


01.18 Auto-pilot dating


02.05 The consequences of auto-pilot dating


02.40 My assumptions about dating


03.35 Misreading your physical symptoms when dating


03.35 Without a dating map you end up in the wrong place


05.20 What should you do to be more intentional with dating?


06.20 Conscious dating


06.32 Early relationships


06.46 Values


07.02 Owning yourself


7.46 Self-love


08.12 Dating from a place of “I am whole”


08.36 I am evolving


09.41 Relationship non-negotiables


09.51 Vetting process


10.12 Detaching from the outcome


 11.22 Benefits of dating consciously


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