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Season 1, Bonus Episode 2- Love & Success- Navigating the dating world as a high-achieving woman

Season 1, Bonus Episode 2 – Love & Success: Navigating the Dating World as a High-Achieving Woman With Kat Hill

In this episode of How to love successfully, Dr Mari Kovanen, a registered psychologist & conscious dating & relationship coach, has a conversation with Kat Hill who is an osteopath, yoga instructor and a business owner about the realities of dating as a high-achieving woman. Dr Mari also offers some tips for making dating more efficient and effective.  

Kathleen Hill (B.Ost, PGCeACE, NLP practitioner)

Kat is an international osteopath, graduating from Oxford Brookes University in 2011. She fell in love with osteopathy after having various dance injuries and seeing the rewarding results of osteopathic treatment. After training as an osteopath Kat continued her education and acquired her PGcE Ace in higher education and has taught as a lecturer on the Osteopathy degree at Swansea University and has also worked as a lecturer in Health and Social care at Gloucestershire College. 

As well as an interest in paediatrics, Kat works closely with many athletes including dancers and competing MMA fighters before and after their tournaments, helping them to achieve their full potential.   

Kat embraces keeping active and healthy living; she is an Advanced yoga instructor, teaching classes around Gloucester weekly. She realised early on in her career that physical pain was connected with mental and emotional health and that inspired her yoga, meditation and breathwork path- further down the line she trained as a neurolinguistics practitioner and wellness coach- she offers online 1-2-1 wellness coaching sessions for those looking to bring awareness to their mindset blocks and helps them create actionable steps to move forward with clarity.

Kat delivers online and in-person CPD events to other osteopaths and healthcare practitioners around the world and speaks to groups on various topics such as mindset blocks, stress and anxiety and how stress shows up in the physical body.

Recently she ran our first yoga and wellness retreat in Malaga, Spain which was incredible and powerful! She is currently running a series of summer Yoga Brunches which has sole out within the first week of release and will be running her next full yoga and wellness retreat in Italy next April.

Kat’s mission and purpose is to bring healing, peace and empowerment to as many people as she can.


Take a seat and your favourite warm drink. I hope you enjoy this episode! 


1.54 Kat’s love for osteopathy and healing

04.51 Holistic approach to well-being

06.30 Being a busy professional and social life 

07.31 Dating life

09.20 Pattern of relationships and wanting change

15.09 Assessing suitability before a date

17.24 Meeting the right men 

17.52 Speed dating

19.10 Online dating

21.37 Auto-pilot dating

23.33 Dating and fear of unknown

26.11 Learning to receive in dating 

31.04 How to feel more in control of the dating process


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