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ALONE with my suitcase (once again), waiting to board a plane to see my parents for summer holidays, and all around me were families with kids running around and loving couples stealing kisses.

A familiar feeling that I was somehow missing out on the best life had to offer filled me with loneliness. The crazy thing was that I WAS in a relationship but...

It seemed like I would never have that meaningful connection or sense of excitement you get when going on holiday with your EQUAL, high-quality man.

I was in a relationship. He was nice but eventually I realized that we were not compatible.

Perhaps you’ve been in THAT place, looking around and wondering...Why am I still feel alone whether you have been involved with someone or not?

Love Attraction Score

I’m here to tell you, smart, high-achieving, sexy woman…love is out there for you too!

  • I was a very independent person
  • With a great career
  • My friends were great
  • And I loved doing various activities and hobbies


I wanted more. I wanted to meet someone who could become a loving, compatible long-term partner.

When I was looking for love, it felt like all the good guys were taken, and I was left with the incompatible ones or the players.

My friends were already in relationships and living family lives.

They did not have a clue what it was like trying to meet an equal man. I knew what I wanted and decided to change my approach.

So I set off across the world to find a larger pool of potential dates. Is that even okay for a Modern Woman...Wanting a relationship so badly That you move countries?

And What Happened? I realized I had to tone down my “Independent Lady” vibe to attract love.

The energy I was projecting was that I didn’t need a man, even though I longed for a deep connection. I wanted to be in a relationship.

It worked!
I met my husband online before moving. 
Our first date lasted 9 hours.  
We’ve now been married  for 10 years and have added two little boys to our family. 
After meeting my husband, I trained as a counselling psychologist specialising in relationships. 

As a Conscious Dating & Relationship Coach, I draw both from my own experiences of finding love and knowledge of psychology & neuroscience.

I would love to guide you how to date with ease and a sense of lightness without wasting more of your precious time. This means that you can finally meet loving & committed partner to build a beautiful future with. 

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