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Most downloaded 3- From perfection to connection – Overcoming barrieres in love with Michaela Thomas

Most downloaded- From Perfection To Connection: Overcoming Barriers In Love and Intimacy with Michaela Thomas


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How to love successfully podcast is on a recording break and we are revising previously heard interviews that have been popular with our audience. 

In this episode of How to love successfully, Dr Mari Kovanen, a registered psychologist & conscious dating & relationship coach, has a conversation with Michaela Thomas about perfectionism and how it can be a barrier to a deeper love. 

Michaela Thomas is a Clinical Psychologist, couples therapist, coach and founder of the private practice The Thomas Connection. Michaela specialises in perfectionism and has authored the book The Lasting Connection – develop love and compassion for yourself and your partner.


Michaela helps high-striving women to let go of the pressure of perfection – and burn bright, without burning out. She has an online program Burn Bright.  https://thethomasconnection.co.uk/burn-bright/ 


Michaela can be found on her Pause Purpose Play podcast and on Instagram under @the_thomas_connection. Her course The Compassionate Couple has been described as ‘life changing’.



Take a seat and your favourite warm drink. I hope you enjoy this episode! 


Topics covered:

How Michaela Thomas got interested in relationship work

 Meeting her husband

 What creates connection

What stops connection



Pressure to be perfect

What creates disconnection in couples

 How to get back to intimacy

When perfectionism may hinder dating

Hollywood love versus real relationships

What is behind perfectionism

What is the antidote to perfectionism?

Cultivating compassion 

Flows of compassion

What is love?

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