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You struggle with confidence in approaching women IRL. 

Are you even allowed to do that without being creepy you may ask…

Even thinking about approaching women and talking to them gives you hives. 

You thought you just need to get a good job and then you’ll find a great 

relationship, but you can’t seem to get over the first step of talking to  

women and dating. 


You like to feel confident when approaching women:

– How to overcome your fear of rejection in dating. 

– Know what to say without stumbling on your words,

– How to talk to women and not end up in the friend zone. 


The reality is that what keeps you single is not what you think it is. 

It is not that you are not “(Fill the blank good-looking/smart/rich…) enough”. 

It is not that women’s expectations are impossible. 


What truly keeps you single is what you believe about Yourself and your worth, women, and the world around you.  

You will find the evidence to support these arguments because if you

 ever experienced not being seen, heard, or understood in childhood, at 

school, in peer relationships, or adult relationships, all of these have left 

a mark on your nervous system. 


At the time when those happened, you absorbed and internalised the messages about your worth as a human being.

But they are just beliefs…  

Now every time when you interact with a woman, these negative experiences stored in your body and nervous system get activated. 

Yes, even if it happened years and years ago. 


You probably have a limited number of interactions with women,

and feel awkward talking to them, because of the internal chatter in 

your head says…” She would never be interested in me…”


So when there is no exposure to alternative experiences, the old beliefs just remain. 


There are SO MANY women on this planet that the only thing stopping 

you from finding love is you and the chatter that goes on either deep 

down or in your head but YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR FUTURE. 


If you want to change your future and meet someone, there you have got some work to do.

You have two options…Take this seriously and start the work of self-

discovery and challenging the beliefs or decide that it is too hard and 

remain where you are. 

Dating and in fact, life are just a huge experiment where we need to 

experiment with different things. 


How can you change your luck in love and become more confident in dating? 

You need to address the critical chatter in your head. 

You need to learn some dating (social) skills. 

And like a scientist, you need to become detached from the outcome 

and test out the reality of your beliefs and create opportunities for 

alternative experiences. 

Sounds like a lot…you think…


This is where I come and support you….

My tried and tested 12-week Dating Confidence Coaching process is what gets you out of the dating rut.

When you are approaching a new quest, you need to:




In the past 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of men who have wanted to feel more confident and become better in relationships. The results have been truly amazing.


How does it work?

You get 12 coaching calls with me. 

The first call is to assess your situation. 

Then I will provide you with the right tools to start working on your dating confidence and removing your blocks to love. 

You also get Voxer voice note support between the sessions to practice and test out your learning. 

At the end, we review and tweak if necessary. 


Cost: £3333 (payment plan available)


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Dating Confidence Coaching is your quickest way to become the most confident version of yourself yet and get the love, sex, and relationship you want.

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