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Bonus episode – Inspirations, loves & interests behind How to love successfully podcast


Bonus episode – Inspirations, loves and interests behind How to love successfully podcast


In this episode I talk about what kind of topics and people have inspired me along my professional career and now starting this podcast. 

Take seat and your favourite warm drink. I hope you enjoy this episode! 


00.39 Inspirations for learning about relationships


01.21 Attachment theory


02.08  Dr Stan Tatkin


02.18 Dr Sue Johnson


03.02 Duana Welch, PhD


03.56 The Huberman Lab


04.41 Michaela Thomas


06.40 Dr Karin Anderson Abrell

Resources mentioned:


Wired for Love and Wired for Dating books by Dr Stan Tatkin

Hold me Tight by Dr Sue Johnson

Love Factually books by Duane Welch, PhD http://www.lovesciencemedia.com/about/

The Huberman Lab by Professor Huberman https://www.youtube.com/@hubermanlab

Pause, Purpose, Play podcast with Michaela Thomas https://thethomasconnection.co.uk/podcast/

Love & Life podcast with Dr Karin Anderson Abrell https://www.loveandlifemedia.com/podcast


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