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Stop settling for the wrong guy & finally attract the love you want

7 Expert Dating Strategies To Attract An Equal, High-Quality Man Without Wasting More Time.

For too long you have settled for relationships that have not been fulfilling.

It is time to discover your inner greatness & attract the love you want!

I’m Dr Mari. What I know to be true is that being in the wrong relationship kills your heart; success at work does not heal it, but being in a relationship with an equal man can bring so much joy in your world.

That's why I help smart and successful single women to stop settling & attract the love they want without wasting more time.

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You fear that time is not on your side...

You have climbed the career ladder and now you worry that your dream of having a beautiful relationship is out of reach?

You are So sick of playing games and dating!  

Tired of wasting time on emotionally unavailable men?

You are  done with men who want you to do everything in the relationship?

Scared of investing more of your time and energy when the results are not guaranteed?

You are often attracting men who are waiting for you to take the lead,

even expecting you to decide on the place to meet up

and that is NOT what you want at all….

Or maybe…

You find that men often ghost.

You thought that you had a good time and then you never hear back.

You are ready to change the direction of your love life?

You want a high quality man, someone who for a change takes charge in planning, supports you and says:
“babe, I’ve got it covered…it’s all taken care of…the restaurant…the flights…the hotels booked…
you just show up…”


What if dating could become a very different experience for you and you could have a different outcome?

  • You would feel radiate inner greatness when you go on dates. 

  • You trusted your ability to spot time wasters

  • You would have clarity on what type of person would be a great match & how to attract him

  • Dating would be actually fun & exciting

That’s Where I Come…

I am a registered psychologist turned Purposeful Dating Coach.

I know a secret….
You can find a loving, equal, high-quality life partner even in this crazy world of online dating.
I’m not kidding…
It happened to me so it can happen to you too.

Right now you can...


Radiate your inner greatness

Discover your inner greatness and let go of the critical self-talk that has led you to unhappy relationships and settling for the wrong guy.


Know your perfect match

You deserve to find a person who is equal to you, shares your values and life goals.


Be on the road to finding love

You can meet a high quality man who continuously puts effort in the relationship and prioritises it so that you can finally relax in the relationship and receive love like never before.

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Get in touch now and let’s transform your love life!

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